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About Aboma

Aboma’s primary objective? Increasing safety, quality and sustainability in the construction industry and the vertical transport sector. Aboma is the ideal partner for companies and (sector) organisations active in these areas. Our motto? Building on sustainable safety and quality! 

Why you should choose Aboma?
The competent (project) supervision and support in the areas of safety, health and environment.
A leading specialist in inspections, investigations and assessments of your equipment. 
An active partner in the certification of quality and safety systems. 
Provider of courses, training courses and study programmes on all levels of the construction sector.

With our team of around 100 specialists, we can share our skills in all disciplines and we are involved in every phase of the process. This makes Aboma strong and ensures that we can always set to work for you with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills. Our aim is to deliver high quality for an acceptable price.
Building Sustainably For Safety and Quality