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The code of conduct below describes what you can expect of Aboma as a company and of our individual employees. 

The Aboma factor is a leading element in this:
A = Actief (Active)
B = Betrokken (Committed)
O = Onafhankelijk (Independent)
M = Maatschappelijk verantwoord (Socially responsible)
A = Ambitieus (Ambitious)

We are Active!

  • We tackle each other directly about agreements made and desirable behaviour;
  • We share our knowledge and experience in our contact with clients and colleagues;
  • We actively request and give feedback and make agreements about the follow-up;
  • We inspire each other and give each other the space to develop and bring out the best in each other;
  • We communicate sincerely, critically and openly, and keep our communication lines as short as possible.

We are Committed! 

  • We show our responsibility for our actions;
  • We treat each other with respect, openly and honestly, regardless of belief, background or gender;
  • We deliberately reserve time to listen and so really get to know each other;
  • We bear the responsibility for our professional and personal development;
  • We build on excellent, long-term business relationships which are based on mutual trust.

We are Independent!

  • We are aware of what independence means, and we guarantee that in our assessment we accept no influence from third parties;
  • We therefore keep all data from and about clients and other contacts confidential. And that applies even if we no longer work for Aboma;
  • We present our recommendations objectively and support them with arguments;
  • We must be able to explain our conclusions to all stakeholders and therefore inform them if we come under pressure and can no longer achieve this;
  • We are aware that the complex issues in which we operate mean we have a corporate social responsibility which goes further than a business relationship.

We are Socially responsible!

  • We satisfy our professional requirements and comply with current laws and regulations;
  • We contribute to a safer society through our tests, inspections and recommendations;
  • We know what it means to operate independently irrespective of persons or authorities;
  • We are aware that working on sustainability not only requires something of Aboma as an organisation, but also of us as individuals;
  • We know that as employees we are Aboma’s calling card and we will conduct ourselves accordingly, both in business dealings and in meetings and other gatherings.

We are Ambitious!

  • We are ambitious and we offer our clients the best price-performance ratio;
  • We show our daring/courage appropriately and we celebrate our successes together;
  • We pare complex issues back down to the essence;
  • We work in a structured and efficient way;
  • We are responsible for our own development and we take the initiative in this ourselves.
Building Sustainably for Safety and Quality