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Applicable to a CE test or regular inspection.

1. Documents
During the CE test and the regular inspection, the following must be present with the cherry picker:

  • the cherry picker book;
  • the certificates of cables, chains, etc.;
  • the working range diagram certified by the cherry picker manufacturer or supplier for all possible setup variations and with the corresponding user instructions/restrictions;
  • an overall drawing;
  • the user instructions in Dutch;
  • the electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams;
  • for regular inspections, subsequent inspections and suchlike, the most recent inspection report;
  • the declaration of conformity for cherry pickers put into use after 31 December 1996.

2. CE test
If this concerns the CE test of a cherry picker type which is being offered for the first time, if applicable the following should also be present:

  • a brochure with the technical specifications of the cherry picker;
  • if EC type investigation is performed, a copy of the issued declaration of EC type investigation;
  • if not stated on the hydraulic diagram: a list of all pressure settings. In addition, a list with the maximum pressures exerted by the external load in the cylinders used;
  • the calculation of the design factors in cable/chain systems used;
  • the prescribed inspection interval for cable/chain systems which are only accessible for inspection after special measures are taken;
  • the maximum load exerted on the struts;
  • information concerning the discard standards of the turntable;
  • a list of the hydraulic hoses used with the system pressure occurring and the burst pressure or a general declaration concerning the safety factor adhered to by the manufacturer in the design.

3. Test load
The client provides the test load and the tools for the test and places them close to the cherry picker.
It must be possible to compose test loads such that the largest and the smallest workload can be realised. All this must match the values specified by the manufacturer.

3.1 CE test
A test performed before first operation after having been manufactured or significantly modified. The test load is equal to the maximum permissible workload, plus 25% for power-driven cherry pickers and 50% for manual cherry pickers.

3.2 Regular inspection
An inspection performed to determine whether the cherry picker is in good condition in connection with safety. The test load is equal to the maximum permissible workload.

4. Responsibility during tests with load
The client must ensure that a specialist is present at the tests with load who is responsible for the performance of the tests.

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