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Aboma offers project supervision in the Construction, Civil and Hydraulic Engineering and Infrastructure sectors. There are two phases to project supervision: Design and Implementation. 

Project supervision, design phase
When contracting authorities, architects, project developers and designers get together, we bring along our practical experience so that a safe design can be realised. Already in the initial stage of the process the safety experts and advisors at Aboma, think along with you about, for example, the safe realisation and maintenance of a project design. 

Our speciality? Advising and reporting within the fields of interest, performing or even fulfilling the entire H&S coordination role. 

Project supervision, implementation phase
Aboma also helps in ensuring that a project is realised safely. We are happy to share our know-how with you. For example, during planning discussions with contractors and other companies performing the implementation. 

Our purpose? Advising and reporting within the fields of interest. Naturally we can also supervise the complete implementation or take the entire H&S coordination role in the implementation phase off your hands. 

Building Sustainably for Safety and Quality