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Are roof maintenance and window cleaning dangerous jobs with your building? To prevent accidents, you can call in Aboma for inspection, certification, assessment and advice. Safe building management is our aim; surely it is your aim too? 

Façades and roofs
The safety experts at Aboma can advise you specifically per project on appropriate working methods and necessary building facilities to ensure safe work on the façades and the roof. We actually prefer to already think together with you in the design phase for new development. Have your roof inspected for demonstrable safety? Aboma also takes care of the certification process for Roof Safety Inspection. 

In existing buildings, the access to installations can be unsafe for regular maintenance or repair of faults. This can apply to the access to shafts, crawl spaces, and to maintenance of grease traps or septic tanks. Aboma provides advice, but can also be engaged for the evaluation and inspection of the installations.  

Unsafe? Liable! 
Under HSE legislation, the employer is liable whenever an employee has an accident. After an offence has been established, the employer is fined or brought to court. This also applies if the accident is caused by the lack of facilities on or in the building. Accidents also have consequences for project developers and managers: the work is stopped and only resumed once the cause has been established and measures have been taken. 

Is there a difference of opinion and do you need expert advice on whether it is safe or not to allow window cleaning? Aboma provides advice in arbitration cases and if desired, will act as an expert witness. The National Home Warranty Institute (GIW), among others, regularly requests Aboma for mediation in arbitration cases.  

Safe building management with Aboma: 

  • Provision of advice during design phase
  • Performance of RI&E and advice on existing buildings
  • Certification of roofs
  • Advice in arbitration cases 
Building Sustainably for Safety and Quality