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For an independent view on technical issues
Are you, as a buyer, contracting authority, product manufacturer or product engineer looking for the answer to a technical question? Do you want specific information about a product in the area of CE marking, declarations of conformity or the risk assessment in connection with machine safety? 

Aboma Support is there to support you on the technical side and provide advice on the current directives and rules for products on national and European level. 

With our special team of inspectors, Aboma Support serves various sectors, in areas including:

  • Mechanical engineering (broad)
  • Hydraulic systems technology
  • Electronics/electrics
  • Control technology
  • Structural calculations (Femap method)
  • Working conditions (machine-related)

Aboma Support
A selection of possible recommendations or support:

  • Expertise in areas in which your organisation does not have sufficient knowledge and skills.
  • External, independent check of (delivered) products for compliance with specifications, laws and regulations or standards.
  • Support in drawing up the risk assessment within the framework of the European Union directives.
  • Performance of an FMEA.
  • Support in making and checking structural calculations. 
  • Evaluation of the safety of machines or installations.
  • Secondment of specialists in machine or product safety or (machine-related) working conditions.
  • Supplement to your internal job vacancies in the absence of human resources.
  • Support in disputes in varied matters.

Safety and Accident Investigation 
Besides consultancy in CE marking, you can also call on the specialists of Aboma Support for numerous other activities: from safety investigations at swimming pools, asphalt plants and waste processing companies to incident investigation, the performance of fault analyses on machines, passability investigations and sound measurements.

Building Sustainably for Safety and Quality