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At Aboma, we can inspect everything! From adjustable props or small rolling scaffolds to rubbish trucks or 3,000-tonne cranes. Aboma has dedicated itself to safe equipment for more than 50 years. Our expert inspectors have thorough understanding of equipment and know better than anyone else the requirements equipment must comply with. With their critical eye they ensure that machines or work resources are safe. As the contracting authority, you surely also prefer to avoid taking risks. 

Equipment inspections 
Working with (heavy) equipment requires expert and precise inspection. The inspectors from Aboma can be engaged for activities such as:   

  • Type testing
  • CE test
  • Commissioning test prior to purchase of a machine
  • (Obligatory) annual approval nationally and abroad 
  • Setup inspection 
  • Pre-purchase inspection 
  • Appraisal

Work resources inspections 
Smaller work resources also require regular approval and inspection. We can take care of this for you at Aboma, independently and reliably! We carry out inspections of items such as hand tools, various auxiliary materials such as mobile scaffolding, adjustable props and guard rail brackets, but we can also assess safety nets, skylights and cage ladders. 

Building Sustainably for Safety and Quality