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Our hallmark, your equipment passport in Europe!
Aboma Rail offers a unique package of services in the rail sector. Aboma Rail tests, inspects and certifies rail infrastructure equipment (wagons, traction vehicles and special equipment) throughout Europe. Thanks to our extensive network, Aboma Rail also knows how to have your equipment approved in Europe. In addition, our experts are always well informed about the latest developments of recently published European standards and directives for the rail sector.

Aboma’s unique services for the rail sector: 

  • Inspection, certification and approval of rail equipment
  • Equipment knowledge, from design to user phase
  • Know-how of approval processes on national and international levels 
  • Knowledge of safe functioning of equipment in the working environment 
  • Specialists in optimum utilisation of equipment in the work processes 
  • Certification of management systems for quality, safety and environment
  • Promotion of safe working with devices which prevent collisions and electrocution 

Aboma Rail has approval and authorisation from RailAlert and performs product certification of workplace security devices. 

Aboma Rail is independent, can be engaged for a wide variety of tasks, responds rapidly and has ample experience. For a full overview of Aboma Rail’s registrations, designations, accreditations and recognitions, click here. 

supporting your local and european ambitions