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Carry out your own inspections, with Aboma
Have your own employees inspect your equipment directly themselves, assisted by Aboma? It not only saves costs, but also guarantees efficiency and better deployability. With the independent AMTeK system, Aboma trains your employees to conduct inspections themselves. Why you should choose this? The AMTeK system was designed for companies that place great importance on safety and reliability of equipment. 

Obtaining the skills
The AMTeK course usually takes two days: 

  • 1 day of theory: laws and regulations 
  • 1 day of practical training: inspection criteria and inspecting on site

Retaining the skills
Aboma makes a first supervision visit after six months. The supervisions visits are then repeated on a yearly basis in order to retain the inspection qualification. A tester from Aboma is present during an inspection and adjusts the employee’s actions if necessary. This way, Aboma raises the inspection abilities and knowledge of your employees to a higher level. Moreover, you as employer can demonstrate that you maintain supervision of the expertise of your employee. 

The AMTeK system is suitable for all equipment in the construction, leasing and industry sectors. The AMTeK system is now operational in areas including the following: construction cranes, cherry pickers, cleaning equipment, fire extinguishing equipment, aviation equipment, port equipment, earth-moving equipment and transport equipment. 

Advantages of AMTeK

  • Efficiency: inspection can take place directly at any moment, for example during (regular) maintenance 
  • Cost-saving 
  • Continual up-to-date equipment knowledge within your organisation
  • Certainty of a high-quality inspection, thanks to the involvement of Aboma as an independent inspection body 
  • Continual awareness of risks 
  • Registered inspection with Aboma  
Building Sustainably for Safety and Quality