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Knowledge enhances safety  
Knowledge is an essential requirement to increase awareness of safety. Are you fully up to date on the current safety regulations, and is your staff aware of possible risks? At Aboma, we provide various courses, training courses and study programmes on all levels of the construction sector: from design and execution to management and maintenance. You can translate the knowledge you acquire into appropriate measures within your own organisation.

Would you like to have a specific topic discussed or a special element highlighted? Would you like a combination of topics? It is all possible with our tailor-made courses! You can build them up as modules, adjusted to your needs. Besides theory, we also work as much as possible with practical cases.

The courses, training courses and study programmes are given as customised packages at Aboma (Ede office), in-company at your organisation or at a location of your choice. 

Aboma is recognised as an educational body by the Dutch Training Fund for the Construction Industry. Aboma also provides these courses on an individual basis (at Aboma, Ede office). 

Aboma offers 4 categories of courses: 

Building Sustainably for Safety and Quality