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A good management system helps to improve your business processes and also provides the certainty that you fulfil your statutory obligations. What is more, a properly functioning (occupational health and safety) management system helps improve the safety culture within your company.  

Those are the reasons why we train you and your employees specifically and in a process-oriented way within the (construction) sector. That is how we coordinate the safety in the building process together with you. 

In the initial phase, this can mean things like working on Safe and healthy design together with the architect and the contracting authority. In the implementation phase, this will affect the actual control of risks, for example with VCA basic safety.  

(Occupational Health and Safety) Management systems courses: 

  • VCA Basic safety (with exam)  
  • VCA VOL (with exam) 
  • Safe and healthy design 
  • Internal audits training
  • H&S Coordination in the construction phase 
  • The construction manager and his responsibility 
Building Sustainably for Safety and Quality