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You know Aboma especially as an organisation which stands for increasing safety, quality and sustainability in the construction industry and the vertical transport sector. One of the most important tasks is imparting knowledge in this area. Our target groups are large and small organisations in the construction sector, but we also have a suitable selection of courses for government bodies and housing associations. 

Other courses from Aboma:

  • Building safety plan/BLVC-plan (Accessibility, Liveability, Safety and Communication Plan)/public safety 
  • Rescuing persons from lift systems 
  • Working safely with façade maintenance systems 
  • Instructed working on lifts 
  • Various workshops

You cannot find what you are looking for in our range of courses? We are happy to discuss your ideas or suggestions. With our customised study programmes, we provide courses which are geared fully to your wishes. 

Building Sustainably for Safety and Quality